Virtual Lessons on Face Time and more!

During this Covid-cautious season, A Plus Tutoring offers on-line FaceTime lessons, so students can be safe at home, and still enjoy the full engagement of Piano or Voice lessons. Students don't have to fall behind in their music studies; they can stay up to date, receive their weekly "practicing assignment" and stay active in music every day! (Also available: lessons by Google hangouts, Zoom, and more)

For parents who prefer to have their students come to the studio, A Plus Tutoring maintains all appropriate cautionary health-safety measures, including the use of masks where appropriate, regular disinfecting of all surface areas, in the studio, waiting room, restroom, doorknobs and especially piano surface areas. 

What students and parents are saying about the ON LINE lessons:


“This is fun!”

“I like seeing my teacher on the screen..”

“It’s cool to take my piano lesson in my pajamas!”

"I can't wait for my next lesson!"


“I love that my kids are safe at home, but still moving ahead in their piano!”

“...I appreciate the break from trying to entertain my kids all day. Now they’re practicing, and learning…”

“Thank you for offering this online!”

“So glad my child has something productive to occupy them at this time.”