Meet Dr Dan Burr, Director and Chief Instructor, A Plus Tutoring

Internationally renowned Dr. Daniel Burr is a musician, keyboardist, vocalist, song-writer, and recording artist.  He has authored over 100 songs, recorded fifteen solo albums and conducted over 7,000 concerts in 23 countries of the world, performing for crowds as diverse as White House personnel, the Prime Minister of Israel, and American Military Forces.

A classically-trained musician, Dan is an alumnus of the Royal Conservatory of Music, and a Graduate of the Moody School of Music. He has taught music at Colleges in Vancouver, BC., Portland, Oregon and in workshops and private tutoring in America, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. As the Director of Music in some of the largest west-coast churches in America and Canada, Dan has written and arranged for; and directed choirs and orchestras in multiple churches, in regular services, and in concerts and recordings. 

As a Piano and Voice Teacher, Dan's experience, training and personality produce dynamic results. Dan himself is a grandfather of five children from toddler to college age, and he has a gentle, affirming manner with younger students. Working with the more advanced students, he challenges them as only an experienced professional musician can. Dan has a unique ability to motivate students. His students quickly sparkle with an interest and fascination with music, excelling in performance and exploring the wonders of the art in their own lives and abilities.