Teaching Staff at A Plus Tutoring

We are delighted with the growing staff of assistant teachers at A Plus Tutoring. Each one is a musically qualified, caring and creative instructor.

Dan himself is teaching full time, especially with intermediate and advanced students; and our Royal Conservatory students. 

In addition, Dan oversees and guides all the teachers in their methods, teaching processes and curriculum assignments for each student. This helps maintain the same high standard of care and excellence for all A Plus students.

Our part-time teachers are:

Who are these teachers?


Shruti Balaji is an intermediate/advanced piano student herself, and also teaches students in an afterschool academic teaching facility. As a piano teacher, she has a bright positive approach that encourages and enables her students to excel.  She is an excellent part-time and substitute teacher.  Students love her!

Seth Elder has been a student of A Plus Music himself, for over six years, and is our most advanced piano student. Seth is currently pursuing his Grade 9 Piano and Harmony Certificate from the Royal Conservatory of Music, under our tutelage. Seth is a gentle, soft-spoken instructor with under-standing and experience that provides excellent guidance to piano students.


Aaron Burr, our son, is a father himself of three girls, ages pre-school to their teens. He is terrific with children, and besides teaching piano with us at A Plus, he has been in high demand as a qualified substitute teacher for local school districts. With a degree in Theater Arts, Aaron adds fun and humor to his lessons. 

Diana Hu is an accomplished pianist currently in the top grades of the Royal Conservatory Piano Course. She is friendly and encouraging with her students and is a careful and competent teacher. She listens well and understands the student’s challenges, assisting them to higher achievement. She helps students understand and enjoy the music, not just play the songs. 


Pallavi Subramanian is an advanced piano student herself here at A Plus and is an active student in the local high school. Her gentle approach along with her musical insight and keen perception of students’ needs and strengths, make her an excellent teacher. Her students really enjoy their time with Pallavi. 

Joyce Zhang is an advanced piano student herself, a graduate of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music piano course and is now currently pursuing top level Royal Conservatory of Music Certificates.  A pleasant and friendly teacher, Joyce is quick to read a student’s unique strengths and weaknesses.  She is both gentle and specific in pointing the way for each individual student to grow in their piano and theory learning. 


Ashley Zhang is an advanced piano student herself, a graduate of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music piano course and is now currently pursuing her Royal Conservatory of Music Grade Nine piano Certificate. Ashley is bright, personable, warm and friendly. She is gentle with her students, but knows by her experience how to detect their students’ needs and strengths. This makes her an excellent teacher.  

Abigail Burr (Substitute Teacher) is an intermediate piano student herself, and as a substitute, she works wonderfully with the beginners and junior students. She is patient and caring with each student. She shares her own enthusiasm for learning, playing and performing on the piano, and she is patient explaining the basics of music theory to even the youngest students.