Comments from Parents

" patient with kids.."

"Dan Burr has been a wonderful music teacher for my daughter. He is very friendly, professional and well organized. He has a passion for what he does and a real desire to teach it. And he is so patient with kids! Dan is gentle, caring and sensitive to the needs of young musicians. We highly recommend him." - M.R. 

"..excellent Music teacher"

"Dan had been a very excellent piano teacher of our son for almost 5 yrs now. My wife and I were amazed on how Dan catered his teaching depending on where our son's strengths and weaknesses in music and motivates him. Until now our son still enjoys and feels excited learning new stuff that Dan plans to introduce." - E.L.

" musician"

"Dan Burr is a top notch musician. My 18 year old granddaughter spent almost 5 years taking piano lessons from him, and a year with vocal lessons. She had never played an instrument before she took lessons from him. Now she is part of two church-related music teams. Dan was very patient with her and really took the time to explain things so that she understood them. I highly recommend him as a piano and vocal teacher. Anyone who takes lessons from him should consider themselves very blessed!!" - J.W.

"great piano instructor"

Dr. Dan Burr is an excellent piano teacher. My son has progressed so much in one semester. We appreciate his patience and placing importance not just in learning to read notes but how to play the pieces with style, dynamics and feeling." - A.E.